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How To Properly Choose a Pool Cue

I started off this blog letting readers know how to properly use a pool cue but I think it’s about time to let readers know how to choose a pool cue. First let’s go through the different areas of a pool cue.

As you can see on the picture it’s important to know what material is used on certain areas of a pool cue. The most important and obviously most used area is the wrap or butt of the cue. It’s essential this area of the cue is comfortable and feels good when you grip it. Some cues come with leather wraps if your looking for a smoother feel.

Taking a look at the shaft of the pool cue your most likely going to see some sort of high grade maple used to make this section. When choosing a cue make sure you know what type of material is used here and what the shaft diameter is. The smaller your hands the smaller the diameter you will want. Most range from 12mm to 13mm but various manufacturers will allow 1/4 increments size changes.

Cue weights range from 12 to 21 oz. This is another aspect of the cue that is a personal choice there is no guidelines here just what feels the best.

A well made quality cue will generally range between $150 and $300. Anything over that you are looking at added details to the cue that make it more appealing. We can call these the show stopper cues. We would recommend taking a look at or for the best pool cues in either of these price ranges.


Billiards Fundamentals

As someone new to playing billiards it’s always great to have a guide to help you find your way. I found this great guide from Pool Hall Tips. Let’s you know what your stance should be, grip, and stroke. All the fundamentals of a good start to a great billiards beginning. What was the best advice you were ever given as a beginner?

Answering The Age Old Question?

How do you and your friends decide who breaks? We have head some pretty creative one’s in our time. Depending on the region, town, or pool hall your in there are all different types of rules deciding who will break the rack.