Legend Takes Home Win At US Open

It was a great weekend for Allison Fisher who took home her 5th US Open title on Sunday. In her final match she was paired with 2 time defending champion Ga-Young Kim. Still bringing her A game, this hall of famer was able to stay at the top of her game and win the final round 7-4.


Billiards Fundamentals

As someone new to playing billiards it’s always great to have a guide to help you find your way. I found this great guide from Pool Hall Tips. Let’s you know what your stance should be, grip, and stroke. All the fundamentals of a good start to a great billiards beginning. What was the best advice you were ever given as a beginner?

What Makes A Great Game

I was inspired by a post from Angle of Reflection¬†for my 2nd post here. The topic for PoolSynergy this month was what makes a good tournament. Well some of us pool players haven’t been in a tournament so I just decided to take and and use just what makes a great game of pool.

A great game of pool is never where you are but the people you are with. The interactions are what makes the game a good one or not. The venue might be nice it might not be but it doesn’t matter a table is a table and that doesn’t change. The human interaction it always fun even just the people watching in general. Being around a great crowd gives you good vibes. Whether it’s tournament play or just hanging out with friends is what makes pool a great experience is meeting interesting people and watching their personalities interact.

Answering The Age Old Question?

How do you and your friends decide who breaks? We have head some pretty creative one’s in our time. Depending on the region, town, or pool hall your in there are all different types of rules deciding who will break the rack.