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Need A New Billiards Coach?

I’ve always been a fan of technology and what it can do for me. Recently I just saw this article about an app where Alison Fisher can coach your pool game. Pretty cool right?

This world champion was selected to be the rep for pool and cue sports. The app is an overall sports training but it features one-on-one coaching tips from legendary players and coaches like Fisher.

The app is called Get in the Game (sounds like a song from high school musical if you ask me) and is available at the App store for your iPhone.

I think it’s a great way for aspiring player to be inspired and hear some great tips from the players they look up to.


New World 9-Ball Champion

For those of you who follow pool on the professional circuit i’m sure you tuned in this weekend to what happened in Doha, Qator. The 2011 World 9-Ball Championship crowned a new winner. Yukio Akagariyama kept his cool to win 13-11 over Ronnie Alcano. Almost 1500 people were there to watch putting a good amount of pressure on the 9-ball championship. Yukio played a great game very consistent all week. All in all it was a fantastic match and a great championship for 9-ball.

Legend Takes Home Win At US Open

It was a great weekend for Allison Fisher who took home her 5th US Open title on Sunday. In her final match she was paired with 2 time defending champion Ga-Young Kim. Still bringing her A game, this hall of famer was able to stay at the top of her game and win the final round 7-4.

Answering The Age Old Question?

How do you and your friends decide who breaks? We have head some pretty creative one’s in our time. Depending on the region, town, or pool hall your in there are all different types of rules deciding who will break the rack.